This Week’s Blu-Cast

Written by Chris Rah Osiris chrisrahosiris-48

My pick up for the week
My pick up for the week

Tomorrow is a Blu-Ray lovers favorite day of the week. Does this week deserve a ton of attention? That all depends on your movie tastes. Comedies, a western, anime, and some good landscape movies highlight the week. Appaloosa is this week’s western. Ghost in the Shell 2 is self evident. Mirrors is a horror movie and it stars our favorite character from 24. Sadly, that does not guarantee it a buy.

This week does not seem to have any must owns, but you can let me know if you disagree. This opinion is likely impacted by my recent need to purchase a plane ticket. It ate into my Blu-Ray funds. 🙁

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Release date
Appaloosa Jan 13, 2009
Mirrors: Unrated Jan 13, 2009
Swing Vote Jan 13, 2009
Traffic (Import) Jan 13, 2009
Superhero Movie Jan 13, 2009
Climbing Your Way Down The Corporate Ladder Jan 13, 2009