Noby Noby Boy Stretches His Legs February 19th

Written by Richard richardallenavatar1


If you have never played Katamari Damacy it would probably be best summed up as Pee-Wee’s Playhouse meets Dr. Seuss.  Blatantly simple controls and the oddly adorable world was just too charming for most of us to put down. Designer Keita Takahashi is back with Noby Noby Boy and it appears to be another flamboyant foray into fun.

It’s simple, Boy eats and spits out pretty much anything you come across which allows you to stretch out.  Play control will allow for individual control of Boy’s front and back ends via each analog stick.  Which allows for more delicate maneuvers such as tying a knot through a hole in a cloud.

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The online portion of the game offers some unique experiences.  Players can collaborate to unlock new stages, and as each player stretches their Boy, the information is recorded by a character named Girl.  Starting at Earth, Girl will grow and expand through the solar system unlocking new levels with every milestone she reaches.  Gameplay can be recorded directly to YouTube.

Noby Noby Boy will be available February 19th via the PlayStation Store for only $4.99.