Burnout Paradise gets Tune-Up, 1.60 Patch is Live

Written by Richard richardallenavatar1


Burnout Paradise 1.60 patch is live and ready for your consumption. This patch adds quite a few enhancements including; ability to restart events; visual changes; event changes; changes to vehicle dynamics; an in-game store; and an in-game website. No word on the Party Pack yet, but that should arrive soon. More details are below…

Visual Tweaks

Burnout Billboards have been made red, Smash Gates have been made yellow, and Super Jump Ramps have been made blue. They all pulsate, making them easier to see. Lighting has also been tweaked, making it easier to see at night, and more saturated during the day. The menu color schemes have been changed from orange to blue.


Junkyard Tweaks

The Junkyard now sports a filter, making it easier to find the vehicle you want.


Event Tweaks

Rivals in events have been made slower earlier in the game, and Burning Route times have been made easier earlier in the game.


Stunt Run Tweak

At first in Stunt Runs, timer counts down slowly. Once you get a high multiplier, the timer counts down at the original, faster speed.


Road Rage Tweak

In Road Rage events, time is no longer added to the timer when you take down a rival once you meet the Takedown target.


Vehicle Dynamics

Handling for the first few cars in Paradise has been improved to make the game more accessible to casual players. They have been made harder to crash, slower, and less likely to spin out.


Barrel Roll

Barrel Rolls will automatically right themselves. However, players will still be able to go for more by holding the analog stick in the direction of the roll.


Burnout Store

The Burnout Store will allow players to purchase Paradise’s Premium Content Packs or partial content from the packs individually.


Other Changes

Restarts for offline events

Criterion Games website available in game (PS3 and PC only)

Nakamura Rai-Jin Turbo and Hunter Olympus will be available offline


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