PlayOn now in Full Release, Stream Netflix, Hulu & More on PS3

Written by Richard richardallenavatar1


If you haven’t heard, Netflix can be streamed to PS3 as well as Xbox 360 and soon to the Wii. PlayOn media server works great for streaming Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, CNN, ESPN and more.

PlayOn is now in full release and fresh out of beta.  To celebrate the Media Mall is offering this software for $10 off.  Get this gem for just $29.99 until February 8th.  You can try before you buy by downloading the trial version.

PlayOn Media Server

With PlayOn, you can access your favorite Internet videos (YouTube, Hulu, CBS, Netflix, CNN, ESPN, and many more) on your TV. Most folks don’t want to gather the family around the PC in the office to settle in to catch up on missed episodes of your favorite sitcom or check out the latest YouTube videos from your favorite producer. Of course, there are times you want to watch video on your PC, and there are times when you’d much rather take advantage of the investment you made in your Home Entertainment System and watch on the big screen. In fact, according to a Neilson survey 94% of adults who subscribe to a cable or satellite service prefer to watch programming on their traditional sets rather than online.

What is so special about how we do it? PlayOn leverages your existing set-top boxes, game consoles, and home PCs – so you don’t have to buy any new devices or connect them to your TV. And, we believe in the power of the World Wide Web – no “walled gardens” here – we want you to be able to access all sources of video content. We also believe in universal access; we want to make it affordable to everyone – so we offer a free trial followed by a $29.99 one-time fee. We also want the experience to be great, so we built for TV viewing – so you can see the entire screen on the TV (not like trying to browse web pages on your TV) and use a remote control or joystick to navigate and play the videos! It is really just like watching TV – only with the access to the World Wide Web of Video.

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