Street Fighter 4 Strategy Guide

Written by John linuxgurulifestyle3-48


Looks like the dedicated folks over at have put up a rather comprehensive guide for the latest iteration in this revered franchise.

Here’s a quick little snippet from the quite detailed read over on their page:

Focus Attacks

Joystick Joystick Joystick

A Focus Attack (sometimes known as a Saving Attack) is done by pressing the Medium Punch and Kick buttons at the same time. This combines both defense and offense in one powerful package.

Your character will enter a special preparation pose, which will absorb one attack — which is usually referred to as having Super Armor — and then they’ll unleash a move in retaliation.

Your character can only absorb one attack, and only then if it’s not a throw or armor breaking move. Two or more attacks will knock your character out of their Focus Attack.

There are three levels of Focus Attacks depending on how long you hold down the buttons.

Level 1: Simply tap the buttons or release after a split second. Your character will launch a weak attack.

Level 2: Hold the buttons for about a second and you’ll see your character flash. then release. This causes you to do a medium powered attack which will open up the other fighter for a combo if it lands.

Level 3: Hold the buttons for about 2 ½ seconds. This causes you to flash yellow and the resulting attack is unblockable, you can also combo after this move if it lands.

Absorbing a hit with a Focus Attack also builds Revenge Meter, used for executing an Ultra move.

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