It’ll Cost Ya to be Legendary in Paradise City

Written by Paulmichael temprix

Sweet "wheels"

So although we already knew the Legendary cars were coming out soon (This Thursday!), prices had yet to be set. The day has come, and the prices are now final. The above car, the “Jansen 88 Special,” will retail for $3.99 USD, and is the most expensive of the four cars. You can buy all of them in a set to save $2. The other cars’ prices are listed below.

It's got spirit!
It's got spirit!

The “Hunter Manhattan Spirit” will be $1.99.


The “Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger” will run ya $1.99 as well.

"I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave." Oh wait, wrong autonomous machine...

Finally, the “Carson GT Nighthawk” is set to move at $1.99.

Not happy with those prices? Consider buying the entire lot for a mere $7.99. Considering all the free content given to us by Criterion over the span of just over a year, this isn’t such a hard pill to swallow.