No Gravity (PSP) Floats to the PS Store Next Week

Written by Adam 22610wolf1


No Gravity started as a Homebrew game, but has been revamped into a full-fledged PSP downloadable title. The game comes packed with 31 levels, five playable characters and 5 ships. It’ll also come with a whole lot of unlockable goodies, and with a reasonable $9.99 price tag. So stretch out those thumbs and get ready for some alien blasting! Game information, screenshots and trailer below.

For the PlayStation®Portable system, “No Gravity – The Plague Of Mind” is a 3D space shooter which allows you to control a spaceship from the first-person or third-person perspective. Your job is to accomplish missions, with diverse objectives ranging from destroying enemy ships or bases, escorting allied ships, raiding ground bases, clearing mine fields, etc.

Key Features

  • First person and third person 3D view.
  • 5 different ships with 3 differents paints. 6 different weapons and upgrades.
  • 31 missions (two difficulty levels). 6 different worlds in space, on planets and underground levels plus secret missions
  • Entitlements rewarding system : Earn game points by the completion of game specific challenges and use them to buy artworks in the game.
  • Available in English, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish languages.

Game info

  • No Gravity : The Plague Of Mind is developed by Realtech VR and published by Anozor SARL