Patapon 2 demo with Pre-order

Written by Adam 22610wolf1


At GameStop there is an offer of a Patapon 2 demo when you preorder it. The demo is scheduled to be available on March 13th – April 27th and the game is slated for release on May 5th.

Sony is starting to worry me with the new “preorder to receive the demo” trend. They have already done this with Resistance: Retribution & Killzone 2. This is worrying since most of you that are on the fence about a game should not have to preorder a game to find out if you want it, and in turn those of you that do preorder a game already know if you want it and a demo more than likely will not change your mind…

Hopefully this will only be an occasional thing, but three Sony games so far this year, and now 3 demos with preorders is kind of worrying.