Knockout City Season 2 year one roadmap

Knockout City Season 2 Will Introduce a New Ball, New Map, Three Events, and Five New Playlists, Early Roadmap Preview

Knockout City Season 2 is just about four weeks away, and Velan Studios is already starting to tease what’s to come in the next free update of the popular multiplayer dodgeball game. When Season 2 launches on July 27, it will feature a new special ball, a brand new map, three events throughout the season, a new set of seasonal contracts, a whopping five new playlists (game modes), and a daily login bonus for players. It’s also set to introduce a whole new theme for the season.

The specifics of what Season 2 will bring are set to be announced in the coming weeks ahead of its launch. The new ball and map should both shake up the gameplay quite a bit, while the five new playlists that will rotate in throughout the season will add to a number of unique game modes that are already in rotation. The confirmation of three seasonal events throughout Season 2 bodes well. Since launch, Knockout City has already had two big events—Block Party took place for the first 10 days after launch, and Heatwave is currently running—and they teased during the Heatwave reveal stream that the next event in the works was already preparing to do something rather different.

We also don’t yet know what the new theme will be. Season 1’s theme has been “Welcome to Knockout City,” introducing players to the the mechanics and world. How Season 2’s theme pushes that forward remains to be seen, but Velan has promised that the underlying lore of Knockout City will be fleshed out in future seasons. The Daily Login Bonus will grant random rewards for every day that players play, a new feature launching with Season 2.

Further, Velan has confirmed that each season will last nine weeks. This puts Season 3 beginning on September 28th, and Season 4 kicking off November 30th. (Note that those dates are always subject to change and are just estimated by current timelines.) And judging by the arrow on the roadmap above, it’s pretty clear they don’t plan on stopping there. Still, the focus now is on the current event and the coming season, so while you can rest assured Knockout City will be supported for a while yet, future seasons are shrouded in mystery so as to not spoil the surprises to come.

Heatwave is currently running for one more week, letting players collect ice pops hidden around the maps, earn Heatwave tickets, and grab some event-exclusive cosmetics. It comes to an end on July 5th, so make sure to complete the event contracts before the summer sun sets on this event. After that, it’s just three weeks until Season 2 launches on July 27th, with a special double XP event set to happen sometime between now and then.

Knockout City boasted more than 5 million players after just two weeks. This is thanks in part to the free trial period, which lets players play for free up until level 25, after which the full game—including all future seasons and updates free—is just $19.99. In fact, it’s only $14.99 on the PlayStation Store right now.

Knockout City Season 2 launches free on July 27th for all platforms.

[Source: EA]