Getting Crowned in LittleBigPlanet


Mark Valledor from the Official PlayStation Blog has revealed 3 ways that are available to all of us to receive this rare piece of LittleBigPlanet DLC, a gold crown with jewels.

#1 – A “Gold Star” on the LittleBigWorkshop

Frequently, when we’re on, every so often, we come across a submission, whether it is an inspiration, workshop or forum post that makes us smile. As a small token of our appreciation, we like to put a smile on your face too by giving you a Community Prize Crown.

#2 – Raising our Eyebrows

Every once in awhile, LBP fans do something that immediately grabs the attention of a few people, spreads on the web, and eventually is talking about it. We love it when this happens, and as a sign of thanks, you may just get a Community Prize Crown in your mail box.

#3 – LittleBigChallenges

We’re in the process of coming up with more LittleBigChallenges, so get your creative thoughts together and stay tuned next week for LittleBigChallenge2.

So get out there and become LittleBigRoyalty.