PSN Greatest Hits Collection: What would be on your disc?

psn-greatesthitsWith news of the PixelJunk Pack headed to Asia as a retail disc, it refueled the burning question – will we ever see a similar retail disc of PSN titles?  I’m not talking specifically about the PixelJunk series from Q-Games either.  It’s been discussed before on our forums, but now that our PlayStation Store library is more diverse than ever – I think it’s time to bring this discussion front-and-center.

What I’m looking to do is arrange a few potential retail discs, chocked full of PSN goodness, and I will send the list to some of our contacts at SCEA.  Even if nothing is ever done about it, at least we can say we tried.  But I think we can make a decent sales pitch here.

That being said, what would be in your dream PSN Greatest Hits Collection? Here are a couple guidelines to follow when making your suggestions:

  • The hypothetical collection would be sold at retailers and so I’d keep it to less than $60 USD worth of content.  If you want to recommend a smaller collection, keep it under $40 USD.  If you want to get really fancy, you can factor in the cost of Blu-ray disc creation and materials so that Sony would turn a profit on the disc front as well.
  • The games must not be online-only games (Warhawk, SOCOM: Confrontation, Crash Commando, etc).  The reason for this is if gamers already had their PS3 online and registered with a PSN ID, they would likely be aware of the games already and have had the opportunity to purchase.  With the PSN Greatest Hits collection, the idea would be to reach out to those who still haven’t jumped online with their PS3 (surprisingly many) and can play the games without requiring a connection.
  • I imagine it would be easier to actually produce a retail disc with Sony-published PSN games only, but other suggestions are welcome.
  • DLC can be suggested as long as the full game corresponding to the DLC is listed.
  • To take advantage of the capacity of the Blu-ray disc, free game trailers (only the best) could be included as well as a few of your favorite PS3 themes.

My dream lists are forthcoming, look for them in the comments!