Alternative PS3 Trophycard Now Available

March 22, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


PS3 Trophy Card

If you do not like the new Playfire trophy cards, then I have an alternative for you.  Enter PS3TrophyCard.  The site is in Beta right now, and actually works quite well.  The only bad part is you will have to re-create your trophy card every time you earn a few trophies.  Until Sony comes out with a self-updating trophy card, it looks like we are going to be stuck with having to log into our site of choice to update our cards.  With the SCEE site, you must update your portable ID to show recent trophies.  With the Playfire card, you will have to log into the SCEE site to update your Playfire card.  And with this card you will have to give your PSN name every time you wish to update.  The site will send you a message on PSN and send you an email when your card is ready.  Below are the 5 different designs of the cards.