Target Debunks PS3 Price Drop @ GDC Rumor?


By now everyone has heard of some type of PS3 price drop rumor, most of which point to a GDC announcement.  If one major retailer’s weekly ad flyer for next week is something to go by, then it looks as though no price drop announcement will happen, at least not at GDC.


According to next week’s Target ad flyer, the new ‘Target exclusive’ 80GB “Greatest Hits” Resistance & Motorstorm PS3 bundle will be available for the price of $399.  Anyone can do the math, and having two $29.99 priced games bundled along with a 80GB PS3, does not constitute a real price drop.  Retailers are the first to know about price drops, and one would assume that Target would want to advertise the 80GB PS3 to reflect the lowest price possible to generate increased sales.

So what does this mean?  It doesn’t appear that any price drops will be announced at GDC 09.  Sony wouldn’t announce a price drop too far ahead of time, as that would deter sales until the price drop actually happened.  So do not be surprised when you go to your favorite retailer and find something similar to the image below…