Xbox One S Outsold the PS4 Slim By 360% in the UK, Original PS4 Price Dropped to £149

With the slimmer PlayStation 4 model now available, several UK retailers have dropped the price of original PS4 model to just £149.99, likely in an effort to sell their remaining stock. Some of the deals include a 500GB bundle with LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens for £149.99, a 500GB bundle with FIFA 17 for £149.99, and 1 TB bundle with LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens for £179.99.

You can get these deals at retailers like Argos, GAME, Smyths Toys, John Lewis, and Tesco. According to Smyths Toys, the PS4 offer is only available until October 2, or until they’re out of stock. The 500GB PS4 was regularly priced at £299.99 for the 500GB, while the LEGO Star Wars 500GB bundle was £339.99.

As for the PS4 Slim, GfK Chart-Track has revealed to MCV UK that sales have been slow since launch on September 15. The PS4 only had a hardware market share of 19% for the week ending September 24, while year-on-year unit sales were down 66%. The good news is that the slimmer console helped PS4 sales rise 22% week-on-week.

Comparing launch weeks, the 500GB/1TB Xbox One S models outsold the PS4 Slim by 361%. Going in-depth with Microsoft’s console, week-on-week sales for the Xbox One rose 989% following the launch of the slim, and the Xbox One had a 71% hardware market share for the week ending September 24, up 76% year-on-year.

In a statement celebrating the Xbox One’s success in the UK, Marketing Boss Harvey Eagle said, “It’s great to see how popular both the Xbox One S and the FIFA 17 Xbox One S consoles are with fans, not just over the last week but since the Xbox One S was released in August. 4K video streaming and 4K UHD Blu-ray have been extremely well received and we believe there is no better value right now for those looking to upgrade their console.”

Do you think people are waiting for the PS4 Pro to buy a PS4?

[Source: MCV UK via Eurogamer]