Capcom Aims to Captivate Audiences

April 12, 2009Written by Dan Massi


This week, the details for Capcom’s new annual event, CAPTIVATE, were announced. This year, it will take place in Monte Carlos, and there will be plenty of new game announcements!

Also, there’s some interesting news from the Capcom-Unity post that some great games will be there to look at, and maybe even play!

“Dead Rising 2: Inafune-san himself will be living it up in Monte Carlo. There’s a new, amazing trailer that will blow your socks off (more motorcycle action!) and we’ll be seeing gameplay for the first time.

Lost Planet 2: Takeuchi-san gets no rest, as he’s now full-time on LP2. If you’ve seen the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine, you’ll have read Fran’s breathless first-hand account of her co-op play session in Japan. This game is really impressing me, both from a technical perspective (the MT Framework 2.0 looks even better than RE5) and from a pure gameplay stance. Four man co-op to take down Akrids the size of battleships? Yes, please.

Dark Void: Morgano has a new playable demo filled with jetpack-y goodness and weak-crotched robots that is going to really rev you up. With SFIV and RE5 out the door and LP2 and DR2 so far away, I think it’s time for everyone to start paying more attention to this hot game.”

The event starts on April 29th 2009, and you can check out all the news, screens, and videos here on PlayStation LifeStyle!