Pinball Game Bounces onto PSN This Spring

April 15, 2009Written by Draisey

Zen Studios has revealed additional info on their upcoming game, Zen Pinball. The team previously released Pinball FX for Xbox Live, and is putting their experience to good use. Zen Studios is also taking advantage of the fact that PSN has yet to be graced with a pinball title.

“The PlayStation Network has a wide variety of great game offerings but it’s lacking a classic arcade pinball game like Zen Pinball,” said Zsolt Kigyossy, managing director for Zen Studios. “This is a title for everyone’s game library, as Zen Pinball combines fast paced action and realistic graphics with the thrills of traditional pinball.”

Zen Studios claims its latest pinball game will set a new standard for physics within the genre. And in addition to the traditional task of getting the top score, specific missions will also be delegated to the player. The game will include four tables, with more tables available as DLC. You can learn more about the development team at their official website.

[Update]: Thanks to DeAno for the Gameplay Trailer.