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Grab Four Friends for a Portable Drum Circle with Patapon 2


Patapon 2 has to be near the top of many a PSP owner’s list of games to get for the handheld. If it isn’t, then this trailer should definitely encourage you to get in on the fun. Patapon 1 was a great title and Patapon 2 appears to do everything that Patapon 1 did, but bigger and better. Something about that music makes me want to get the game and play with some friends right away.

[viddler id=da0f435f&w=545&h=349]

Also, if you are somehow worried by Sony’s decision to make this title download-only, check this out:

Q – What happens if accidentally erase or lose my Memory Stick?

It doesn’t matter how many times you erase, break or lose your memory stick. The magic of Patapon 2 is that you can re-download it (for free) as many times as you want off the PlayStation Network using the PSN ID you bought or redeemed the voucher with.

This title is suddenly looking like a must buy.