New LBP Tool to Empower Artists


[shal]Media Molecule[/shal] has been collaborating with well known graphic artists for new LBP Level Packs. The first confirmed artist is Jon Burgerman, famous for his Burgertown level in Wipeout Pure’s Omega track pack.

Media Molecule’s art director, Kareem Ettouney, stated that:

“Jon Burgerman’s a good friend of Rex [Crowle, the graphic artist behind much of [shal]LBP[/shal]’s original stickers and its box art]. He asked Jon if he could do some illustrations that we could have in the game and he just did a heap of them. They are so empowering those bits because you just stick them on the materials, cut it out, and you’ve got like a handmade character Jon Burgerman piece.”

The downloadable patch set to release with this Level Pack includes an empowering new tool that automatically cuts any material into the shape of the sticker. What this does is allow players to manipulate stickers more easily, and apply them in creative new ways. Make sure to check back on PlayStation LifeStyle for more details on how this tool works.