New Footage Pours in for Heavy Rain

May 23, 2009Written by Draisey


[shal]Heavy Rain[/shal] director [shal]David Cage[/shal] conducted a [shal]live demonstration[/shal] of his innovative new title at [shal]Sony[/shal]’s pre-E3 press event. Out of the four characters that will constitute the majority of the game’s play time, Cage focused on one character, Jayden, a 29 year old FBI agent.

It turns out that the original [shal]Origami Killer[/shal] demo that was playable at [shal]TGS[/shal] last year isn’t going to be included in the game, but Cage explains it wasn’t an expensive venture in the first place. The graphics and QTE (quick time event) integration looks tighter and more refined, with the characters displaying lifelike facial animation and believable interactions with the environment. Check out the videos below, courtesy of 1UP.