SCEA Talks PSP Go, PS3 Price Drop Rumors

May 28, 2009Written by Dan Massi


Think there may be a PS3 price drop at E3? Well, Jake Osuwah of SCEA has an offical response on that topic. And of course, he also has no comments on the PSP Go, and a new motion PS3 controller.

“Price Drop? Nope…(Seriously Quit it with all the Rumors) not yet anyway! Now about PSP Go/ PS3 Controls! (No comments)”

But really, with talks of a new 80GB SKU coming at $400, can we really believe there will not be a PS3 drop? One seems inevitable as of right now.

Stay tuned on PSLS for our E3 coverage, where you’ll see all of the announcements at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.