Activision Sues Brutal Legend Dev


Brutal Legend developer, Double Fine Productions, is being sued by Activision. Activision claims that they hold the publishing rights to the game, though the situation is more complicated than it sounds.

Brutal Legend was one of the many games that Activision abandoned during the Vivendi/Activison merger back in 2008. When the game was dropped by Activision, Double Fine Productions looked for a new company to publish the game. EA came swooping in to rescue the fallen game. But, it is not all happy endings in the video game industry.

Activison is claiming to have invested more than $15 million into Brutal Legend. And it seems kind of strange that only now they are claiming to be the publisher of the game, especially with its success at E3. With the backing of Jack Black and the growing popularity of the game, seems they want to take back what they’ve already given up.

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