Rumored PS Store Content for 06/11/09


We’re back from E3, and ready to fire up our weekly Rumored PS Store Content.  We’ve recently noticed a slew of imitators, but don’t fret…  PlayStation LifeStyle has been bringing you the most accurate rumored content for over a year now.

This week we have some great content coming to the PS Store.  Strangely, this week I am most excited for LittleBigPlanet DLC as we are getting the Team ICO costume pack.  We are also getting two full games, and loads more DLC.

Gunstar Heroes

LitteBigPlanet DLC – Team ICO pack

Rock Band DLC – Iron Maiden Track Pack

guitar_hero_world_tour_-_logo Guitar Hero World Tour DLC

Killzone 2 Flash and Thunder DLC

Cuboid Booster Pack/Level Editor

Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island

That’s it for confrimed content, the rest is strictly rumored…

Heavy Weapon

Bomberman Ultra

the-original-playstation-playstation-3148412-1280-1024 PSOne Classics

PSP Game

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Demo (Don’t count on this one)