Trophy Guide – Terminator Salvation


Terminator: Salvation has 12 trophies to collect.

(1 Platinum, 11 Gold)

Determined (Platinum): Collect all other Trophies.

-Collect all other trophies.

L.A. 2016 (Gold): Complete Chapter 1 – L.A. 2016 on any difficulty.

-Make sure you don’t expose yourself  too much while you’re firing rockets at the HK.  The Wasps will do some heavy damage to you if you’re in the open too long.

Thank Heaven (Gold): Complete Chapter 2 – Thank Heaven on any difficulty.

-This chapter sort of begins with a chase sequence through L.A.  Fire in bursts to take out the Wasps being careful not to overheat your gun.  When you get into the tunnel, take out the van first, the worry about the Wasps.

New Acquaintances (Gold): Complete Chapter 3 – New Acquaintances on any difficulty.

-The end of this level could cause you some problems.  It’s really not that bad once you figure out where the best cover spot is.  When you face the first T-600, run up the stairs and let someone go before you so you don’t get hit.  There will be an L-shaped cover spot on this floor that is directly across from the stairs.  A guy behind you will be making pipe bombs that you can throw at the three T-600’s.  Take them out with a combination of one or two pipe bombs and some gunfire at their chest.  Destroy the one that is across from you first.  Then finish off the two that everyone else are shooting at.  You’ll go into another room that has a few more.  Run to the back of the room, get some more pipe bombs, and take them out as they come.

The Sights (Gold): Complete Chapter 4 – The Sights on any difficulty.

-Your objective is to make it onto the roof of a nearby building.  The most difficult part you’ll face is when you’re up against two T-600’s.  Stay by the steps up and take out the first one.  When the second one is near you, run over and take cover behind the curved wall.  Pop up and shoot at it when the Terminator is shooting af your allies.  Just remember to use cover effectively, aim for the upper chest, and use your grenades and pipe bombs when it gets in close.

Underground (Gold): Complete Chapter 5 – Underground on any difficulty.

-You’ll have a couple of vehicle sequences again in this level, but they’re not very difficult.  One of them you get a rocket launcher for, so it’s not very hard.  The toughest part is when you have to keep the machines busy while Barnes checks the explosive trap he set.  There are a couple of checkpoints in between waves of Terminators.  Just keep moving from one side to the other.  Use the rocket launcher and the grenade launcher for quick kills.  (If you quit after one of rhe checkpoints and reload, all of the weapons will respawn and you’ll be at max ammo again.)

Into the Wild (Gold): Complete Chapter 6 – Into the Wild on any difficulty.

-This is a pretty short level and is not very difficult at all.  Keep using cover.  Use your grenades wisely.  Use the grenade launcher on the T-600’s.

Angie (Gold): Complete Chapter 7 – Angie on any difficulty.

-There are a couple of spots where you’ll have to survive waves of T-7’s and T-600’s with a few Wasps thrown in too.  Use the same strategy that you’ve used the entire game and you’ll be fine.  This chapter ends with another vehicle section, but this time you’re in control of a ginat Terminator.

Every life is sacred (Gold): Complete Chapter 8 – Every life is sacred on any difficulty.

-Not much to this level.  Just survive more waves of T-7’s and T-600’s.  This level is pretty short and as long as you keep using cover, you’ll have no problems.

For the Resistance (Gold): Complete Chapter 9 – For the Resistance on any difficulty.

-The first room can be tough.  You have two T-7’s and two T-600’s followed by a wave of three t-600’s.  After that, you have to fight with six or seven T-600’s.  Use your rocket launcher and grenade launcher and you’ll make it through no problem.  After that, the rest is a cake walk.

Seasoned Commander (Gold): Complete the Game – Become a commander on Medium difficulty.

-Complete the game on Medium difficulty.

Veteran Commander (Gold): Complete the Game – Become a commander on Hard difficulty.

-Complete the game on Hard difficulty.