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Hitman Gets Another Shot at the Big Screen


Despite horrible reviews, Hitman will be making its way back to the big screen.

The movie made over $100 million globally, so Fox has green lit a sequel to the money-making Hitman. It’s also reported that Fox has hired Kyle Ward, the writer of Kane & Lynch, to pen the script. Drian Askarieh, Daniel Alter, and Chuck Gordon, three producers from the original flick, will be making their way back to the sequel as well. It is not known whether Timothy Olyphant, who originally played Agent 47, will return. Not much is also known about the director, Xavier Gens.

It was also hinted that the next Hitman game will be coming sooner then we thought. The report confirming the sequel’s existence also announced that a new Hitman game will be coming in late 2010.

“We are told to expect Hitman 5 by the end of 2010 and that it will take Agent 47 in a whole new direction.

For now, we’re filing this strictly as a rumor until we get the official word.