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Hustle Kings Sets the Standard on PSN


On the PS Blog yesterday Aaron Orsak, the US Producer for the upcoming PSN exclusive Hustle Kings, gave a brief introduction.

“Hustle Kings is without a doubt the most realistic and, frankly, impressive billiards game I’ve ever played.

The amount of ball control is simply astounding, giving the player any and every shot option in the book…from masse shots to subtle swerves and tricky English, you can do anything to the cue ball in Hustle Kings that you can do around a real table.”

Overall, from the trailers shown and this introduction, Hustle Kings sounds like it is shaping up to be one of the best billiards games ever on a console. Hopefully the final product can stand up to the hype and early praise.


Only a vague Winter release date was given, but stay tuned on PlayStation LifeStyle for future updates.