MAG Beta to be Invite-Only Experience


Shijima, the European Franchise Manager for MAG, posted on the EU Official Forums, and he talked about the restrictions of a of a possible MAG beta.

Unfortunately, Shijima posted some disappointing news. If there is to be a MAG beta, it will only be open to the invitation-only Beta Trial members, consisting of members from Europe.

“Sorry to pee on your proverbials all, but MAG is likely to be tested by the Beta Trial community only in Europe.  If plans change then you’ll be made aware of how you can register, but I just don’t want people getting their hopes up unnecessarily.”

MAG most definitely should be open for large-scale beta testing, as it is looking to to push online boundaries with its 256 players online. Should Zipper open the possible beta to more users? Post your replies in the comments section below.

[Source] Thanks Matthew!