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Dreams Creators Can Apply to Use Creations for Business Outside of Dreams, Here’s How it Works

Those interested in getting serious with creating in Dreams are now able to apply for business opportunities in partnership with Media Molecule. As explained in a post from the company today, anyone from concept artists to music video creators to music producers can apply. This will allow creators to use their Dreams creations for business uses outside of Dreams.

Applications will be evaluated based on project viability, requisite skills to complete the project, and must be a member of Early Access in good standing. Media Molecule also encourages applicants to have a “project in mind,” and must be willing to provide feedback to the company as the project goes on.

It’s unknown how many open slots are available and, as Media Molecule explains, this is “new territory for” the team, so it’s expected that we’ll see the new initiative evolve over time. A tweet from the company explains this beta evaluation is for concept art, music videos, albums, and short films since there is no asset export function in Dreams. This feature might be available at a later date, but for now it’s limited.

Submissions are being reviewed on a “per-project” basis and must adhere to the list of terms and conditions to be considered. You must credit Dreams and Media Molecule in your creation, must adhere to NDAs, and must not use your creation for third-parties, among other terms you’re required to agree to. Use this link to apply.

The full version of Dreams came to PS4 in February 2020 and is home to thousands of creations, spanning recreations of games (and original ones), films, music, and everything in between. It launched in early access in 2019 and underwent a slew of changes and updates before its final release earlier this year, though even the full version is continuing to receive support from Media Molecule.

[Source: Media Molecule]