Full Moon Show Outlines Insomniac’s Comic Con 09 Plans


The latest episode of Insomniac’s Full Moon Show, number 39, is out and is a traditional audio show this time around, following up on episode 38’s video podcast. In this episode, the team starts off by revealing Insomniac’s Comic Con 2009 plans, tease the reveal of the weapon contest, and give a quick update on the Alpha playtest of Ratchet & Clank Future:  A Crack in Time.

Right before Comic Con 2009 kicks off on Thursday July 23, Insomniac Games will be hosting a press event the day before on Wednesday where they will be flying in the winner of the RCF:ACiT weapon contest and showing off never-before-seen Clank gameplay footage, complete with brand new time mechanics. They also promised that G4TV will be live at the press event so for everyone that is not able to attend, G4TV will pull through and show us the demo footage.

Then, when Comic Con actually begins, Insomniac will be on the show floor for a “Sunday Panel” where they will showcase a new trailer, give attendants a chance to meet Ratchet and the voice actors, and give out “inflatable giveaways”.

Then finally, before the actual meat of the show starts, the community managers revealed that the Alpha playtest of the game averaged at about 12 hours just cruising through the game without fully exploring the worlds.  Keep up with PlayStation LifeStyle for all the latest news on Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.