PSLS Takes on Cuboid’s Level Editor

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Online sharing of user-generated content is one of the greatest innovations that this round of gaming hardware has brought to the industry. And though [shal]LittleBigPlanet[/shal] tends to recieve the brunt of that credit, many other titles have followed in its footsteps, allowing players to build content and share it with their friends on PSN and Xbox Live. Cuboid is the latest title to recieve a level editor, and we’re proud to say that it is well worth the cash.

It’s clear that what [shal]Tik Games[/shal] and [shal]Creat Studios[/shal] have provided us with is the editor that they themselves used to build the game (albeit, possibly more fitted for the PS3 controller) and it’s an amazingly powerful, easy to use tool. And best of all, there’s an included ability to upload your own levels, or download levels created by other users. A scoring system is utilized to help separate the great levels from the mediocre or insane ones.

I figured I may as well show off what the editor is capable of, so included below is an HD recording of a playthrough of the PlayStation LifeStyle themed Cuboid level. Check it out, and let us know if you plan on picking up the game and/or this awesome add-on content. And yes, this level, titled “PSLS Level 01”, is up on the Cuboid network.