Bethesda Teases New Details for Doom Weapon Mods, SnapMap Level Editor

Bethesda and developer id Software’s Doom reboot adorns the cover of this month’s Game Informer issue, bringing with it a slew of new information about the studio’s long-gestating franchise revival.  

First and foremost, in bringing the seminal shooter to a generation, the development team has harnessed the power of PS4 to ratchet up the on-screen enemy count and create what Bethesda describes as a “demon avalanche.” There’s also news of acquiring weapon mods to bolster your arsenal, along with a fleeting tease that the plot will bear semblance to Doom 3

Centering on Dr. Olivia Pierce, early reports paint Pierce as the main culprit for unleashing all manner of hellspawns across earth, and there’s also mention that the narrative has ties to some form of religious cult. 

Doom‘s SnapMap level editor, meanwhile, appears to be taking a leaf out of Super Mario Maker‘s book in its approach to distributing custom content. Per NeoGAF, content created is “all shared on SmartHub, [such as] categories like top rated and most played, user profiles.”

In related news, Amazon France recently listed Bethesda’s reboot for a release on June 30, 2016, though the publisher is yet to confirm or deny the leak. 

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