Brutal Legend is in for a Brutal Court Battle


If you remember a certain story from way back when, Activision claimed that they owned the publishing rights to Brutal Legend, and because of this felt justified in suing the developer, Double Fine. Now, Double Fine and the gang have striked back, countersuing the video game giant.

Activision’s main purpose in suing Double Fine was to “stop the release” of Brutal Legend this October. Double Fine does not obviously want this hard work to go to waste, and thus have countersued, claiming Activision’s lawsuit is out of pure malice and intended to hurt Brutal Legend and Double Fine. The developer’s own Caroline Esmurdoc said this in a statement this afternoon:

“Double Fine’s countersuit is a demonstration of our intention to fight for this game – Activision will not kill Brütal Legend.”

Double Fine is also looking for an official judge’s ruling that the developer was free from its contract with Activision, and was therefore allowed to sell the rights to current publisher Electronic Arts (EA).

A slightly surprising tidbit that was shared was that Brutal Legend was dropped during the Vivendi/Activision merger after “an effort to convert the game into a Guitar Hero sequel failed.”

Who do you want to see come out on top? Activision, or Double Fine? Post your thoughts below!