Activision Teases Project Gotham Developer with Massive Incentive


Salary bonuses are a commonplace practice in high-stakes industries, but [shal]Activision[/shal] is taking the concept and applying it to an entire development team. And the team we’re referring to is Bizzare Creations, who’s famous (and very fun) Xbox 360 titles [shal]Project Gotham[/shal] Racing and [shal]Geometry Wars[/shal] sold millions of copies. Associate producer Chris Pickford revealed that the Project Gotham franchise alone has sold over seven million units to date.

“We were absolutely astounded at how well Gotham 1 sold. I think we projected that the game would sell around 500,000 units, but we absolutely smashed it.”

Though Activision paid $67.4 million to acquire the developer back in 2007, it turns out that an additional $40 million will be handed out to [shal]Bizzare Creations[/shal] if Blur can achieve its sales targets by 2012 or 2013. Because the developer has plenty of experience with racing titles, there’s little doubt that Blur will meet critical expectations. And hopefully the new franchise becomes the success that Activision and Bizzare are hoping for.