Dead Space: Extraction Scares Up Other Platforms


Most gamers are aware, the Wii does not exactly sell hardcore games very well. It seems EA is aware as well, as they’ve hinted that Dead Space: Extraction may come to other platforms.

At Comic-Con, EA held an “Art of Making a Horror Video Game”. Of course, questions were asked, and answered, but one stood out from the others. The question that was brought up was that whether Extraction was a Wii exclusive. Executive producer Steve Papoutsis replied that the title is “right now”, and that the question was “interesting”.

With the recently revealed PS3 motion controller, it certainly seems possible (and cheap) for EA to port over the title to Sony’s console. It would make for a great launch title to coincide with the release of the new motion controller. We’ll just have to wait and see if EA takes this idea into consideration.