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David Cage Giving Keynote at GDC Europe


David Cage, CEO and founder of Quantic Dream, known for such games as Indigo Prophecy, Omikron: The Nomad Soul, and the highly anticipated Heavy Rain, has announced he will be doing a keynote at the upcoming GDC Europe conference. Titled, “Writing Interactive Narrative for a Mature Audience”, David will explore mature games, and how developers can interweave a dramatic storyline within the game.

“With the game audience maturing, we feel it’s important to share visions and ideas to define how our industry should now evolve,” Cage said. “I am convinced more than ever that the most important next gen feature is emotion. How to trigger more complex emotions is our biggest challenge in the coming years.”

Expressing his excitement for his keynote, Cage went on to say:

“I am excited to participate at GDC Europe and to represent France in such a well-rounded European keynote roster .”

GDC Europe is teaming alongside GamesCom and both are taking place August 17th-19th. Stick with PlayStation LifeStyle as we’ll be bringing you all news coming out of both of these events.

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