“No Reboot” for The Agency


Many senior staffers, including the studio head, for Sony Online Entertainment’s Seattle Studio, the team behind the much delayed, The Agency, have suddenly left their positions. Studio director and executive producer Matt Wilson, art director Corey Dangel, and producer John Smith all decided it was time to move onto greener pastures, and, in doing so, formed their own company, Detonator Games.

“It’s true that Corey and I no longer work for SOE,” Wilson said. “This was a very hard decision to make, but it’s the right decision for both us and the project. There were a variety of factors into making this decision, but we wish SOE and The Agency the best success.”

This recent walk off prompts many questions about the games’ future. Amidst much delay and lack of media, many are speculating whether the game, which is set for a 2010 release date, is undergoing a massive reconstruction. A representative of SOE completely denies this, when they stated:

“The Agency is not undergoing a reboot of any sorts – that is incorrect…The team in Seattle is still working diligently on this project and we’re looking forward to showing you new content in the future”.

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