Titan Studios Squishing Out Fat Princess Issues


Titan Studios’ PlayStation Network title, Fat Princess, is here at last after numerous delays in the development process. With the intense hype and pressure to get the downloadable multiplayer game in the hands of hungry players, a few minor issues were to be expected. However, the developers have already promised fixes and have even laid out further plans to support their title.

Since a PlayStation Home space was out in honor of the game, the community was built-up before the release of Fat Princess. This resulted in great demand for features, fixes, and even help with the game. In turn, Titan Studios has promised strategy guides for the week, a FAQ for the confusion, and this list of confirmed upcoming additions and fixes for the content-hungry and frustrated:

Known Issues, Bugs, Imbalances

  • Failed Game Connections
  • Lag
  • Hosting Problems
  • AoE Scoring Exploits
  • Stalemates
  • Missing Princess (on certain levels)
  • Dead Hat Machines
  • Scoreboard Issues (only top 1000 scores shown)
  • Ranking System Problems

Balancing, Feature Requests, Other Comments

  • Changes to Ranking System
  • Changes to Scoring System
  • Stalemate Breakers (e.g. – Finite Cake, Slim Fast Princess)
  • Server Lists
  • Clan Management
  • Hosted Servers
  • Class Balance
  • More Classes
  • More Class Upgrades
  • More Maps
  • More Modes
  • More Sports
  • Even Fatter Princesses
  • Unbelievably Fat Gargantuan Princesses

We personally can’t wait for these and all future additions for the game, along with the Princess’s PSP sister.