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Valkyria Chronicles 2 Characters Branch Out


Ever since Valkyria Chronicles 2 was announced exclusively for the PlayStation Portable, fans of the series were skeptical as to how much content the sequel would have. And although Sega reassured their loyal RPG fans that the PSP sequel was indeed as robust as the first. Now as new details emerge, it seems they are right on the money.

Although built for the portable platform, Valkyria Chronicles 2 already looks bigger than its PS3 predecessor. New details on the sequel boasts 35 different class types, which is a significant step up from the original’s fiv- class-system. On top of this, the gameplay dynamics will sport a class branching system for certain (or even all) classes.

Valkyria Chronicles 2 will release exclusively for the PlayStation Portable. Keep up with PlayStation LifeStyle for all your updates for this exciting new game.