Shatter Demo In the Works


The best-selling game Shatter, a PlayStation Network-exclusive brick-breaker title for the PS3, obtained a great following by combining innovative gameplay, a great soundtrack, and of course Trophies. However, for skeptics, there was not much available to market the game besides an elusive trailer.

Fortunately for gamers that need a taste before making the large investment of $7.99, Sidhe is working on a downloadable demo. Managing director of Shatter, Mario Wynands, stated the following:

“The development team for the most part was only 4 to 5 people in size for most of the project including post production. We decided to focus on the actual launch of the full product to get the game out there and start earning revenue. We will be making a demo available down the line for those gamers on the fence.”

With such a small development team working on the title, gamers can truly sense the dedication and love put into making this innovative, new game. Make sure to stay tuned on PlayStation LifeStyle for more news on Shatter.