Shatter Breaks the PSN Downloads Chart


Shatter was only released last week on July 23 and it has already received rave reviews, even by us. With innovative yet classic brick-breaking action topped off with an awesome soundtrack, what’s not to love?

Fortunately, the developers at Sidhe are proud to announce that their game was the second most downloaded title on the PlayStation Store, only behind the groundbreaking PSN FPS Battlefield 1943. For a brick-breaking title to trail right behind a popular first-person shooter series outing, it really goes to show that innovative and unique PSN titles like Shatter are welcome to the PlayStation Network.

Sidhe is very proud of their outing to the PSN Store (they even went ahead and boasted about PlayStation LifeStyle’s review on Twitter). But the actual success of the game will be revealed in its sales data–which PlayStation LifeStyle will cover when its released.