Sidhe’s Shatter is NOT PSN Exclusive


Shatter, the brick-breaking game that ‘shattered’ our expectations, is easily one of our most favorite PSN titles to date. Even though Shatter was created using Sony’s PhyreEngine, Sidhe may be bringing the title to other platforms.

Speaking to Gamasutra, Sidhe‘s Managing Director Mario Wynands spoke about their promotional strategy for Shatter, the equal-value pricing across all regions, and how Shatter is NOT a PSN exclusive.

“We have always had a very platform agnostic approach, but have moved quickly when opportunity arises. Shatter is not exclusive to PSN, but Sony is offering the combination of good royalties, strong technology, and a well defined process for getting content to market. PSN was an ideal first landing place for Shatter.”

“We haven’t ruled out any other platforms at this stage.”

This is good for gamers, since more people could eventually get their hands on this amazing game.  But it’s bad for Sony’s PSN exclusive category, since one of their best offerings would be ‘breaking’ through to other platforms.

Sidhe, while you’re at it, why not bring it over to the PSP?