Fat Princess Getting Another Candle for Her Cake


The creators of the popular PSN title Fat Princess, Titan Studios, have announced that yet another patch is in the works. The last patch was released only days ago and fixed a plethora of connection issues, in addition to helping helping balance the overall experience. Today, Titan Studios posted their plans for the upcoming Fat Princess patch.

Speaking of Scoreboards

As all but 1,000 of you are no doubt aware, the scoreboards are currently limited to the top 1,000 players. We are working with Sony to have this cap removed, so all players can see their score. Just to give fair warning, this will happen with a future update and when it does, all scores will be reset to zero. This will allow all players to be on the boards and in the race. BEFORE ANYONE FREAKS OUT: We are working on a way of doing this that will allow you to retain your unlocked Get Fabulous options. K, NOW FREAK OUT.

To the top 1,000 – You rock. We’re sorry we have to do this, but we’re confident that you’ll recapture your rightful place at the top.

To everyone else – Those cheating bastard AoE exploiters will now be in your sights. Crush them.

Just a little humor folks… Thanks in advance for seeing this as an opportunity to legitimately prove your skillz. No word on timing yet.

Disappearing Princess

We need your help! We’re unable to actively reproduce the disappearing princess bug. If we can’t reproduce it, we can’t fix it. Yes, we’ve all experienced it, and we think it usually involves the catapult or destructible walls, and it may not happen unless the host has migrated. Unfortunately, this is one of those things that requires a wicked cocktail of factors in order to manifest, and (usually) fortunately, in the safe, protected confines of the Titan Studios world HQ, said wicked cocktail does not exist.

Senseless rhetoric aside, we would like to appeal to you, the community to help us track her down. If you are in a game, and the princess disappears, we would greatly appreciate it if you could take a photo or screen grab of the mini-map, the score board, and the location on the map where she is supposed to be, including the UI, describe the circumstances under which it happened, and send it all to:


Please write a Fat Princess is Missing subject line. Feel free to be clever. Anyway – the person or people that give us the info that help us track her down will get special mention. Maybe something more.

Warrior Tweak

With the noted exception of Boko577, the warrior is not quite crushing enemies as much as we’d like. There’s been a lot of discussion and consideration, and we’ve decided to tweak the warrior a bit to restore her (or his! – see how PC that was?) glory in the Fat Princess ecosystem. We’ll detail the changes at a later date. No word on timing.

Sony Europe Patch

Word ’round the campfire: Coming very soon…!