GT5: Prologue Sells 4 Million; ‘Full’ GT5 To Leave Figure in its Dust


While Gran Turismo 5: Prologue was meant to be an early taste of the highly anticipated Gran Turismo 5, the racing simulator was criticized for being a glorified “demo” with a $40 price despite having the content of a fully priced racer. However, despite what the naysayers claimed, there’s no denying that GT5: Prologue sold big to its fans.

Undoubtedly, with Gran Turismo PSP hitting this October and GT5 predicted to drop as soon as this holiday season, interest for the series has peaked and according to recent sales data for GT5: Prologue, it shows. According to the data, the “demo” has sold 3,940,000 copies–close to a whopping 4 million. Yes, that’s almost as many copies sold for the entire Forza Motorsport series (5 million copies).

Since many were hesitant towards buying GT5: Prologue, we can only imagine how many copies the full release of Gran Turismo 5 will sell, considering how impressive the E3 footage was.