Guitar Hero 5, Now With More Halen

Get Van Halen Free!
Get Van Halen, Free!

Is Guitar Hero 5 on its own just not piquing your interest? Well then, how about getting two games for the price of one?

All you have to do is purchase a specially-marked copy of Guitar Hero 5 when it releases in September. It’ll have a voucher, which you can redeem online at this website, or alternatively through the old-fashioned snail mail. This deal ends on Halloween, or when supplies run out; whichever occurs first.

$0.00...yes, really.

Activision says to expect about six weeks for delivery of your completely free game, which means you still get Van Halen before it’s officially released on December 22nd. This promotion isn’t chained down to any particular retailer either. You can find the specially marked copies anywhere the game is sold.

Now how’s that for a great deal?