Trine Won’t Make it In Time


When Frozenbyte announced that Trine would be hitting the PSN today, gamers were pleased to know that they would finally get their hands on the long awaited, oft delayed game.

After an update from Frozenbyte, it seems as though some gamers will still be left in the cold.

According to FB_Lauri, a developer posting on the Frozenbyte community forums:

“All I know is that US release is not tomorrow.”

When asked the reason for the delay, FB_Lauri had this to say:

“SCEE and SCEA have their own submission processes”

“It is coming to US PSN store also, but I don’t know the exact date yet. It shouldn’t be too long, though.”

“In our case there indeed was bugs, so at least partial blame belongs to us.

But, EU version has now passed QA and is coming today, so I’d guess eventually we are able to pass NA QA also :wink:

Looks like those of us in North America will have to wait a bit longer for Trine. Those of you in Europe, enjoy!