Sony overturning accidental PSN account bans

Sony Restoring Wrongly Banned PSN Accounts But Hasn’t Addressed Concerns

Sony Interactive Entertainment is quietly overturning accidental PSN account bans that hit a large number of players yesterday. However, the company has neither addressed players’ concerns nor released a statement acknowledging the issue at the time of this writing, let alone explaining what happened.

PSN account bans led to players temporarily losing access to games and subscriptions

Sony’s activities over the last week have left PS5 and PS4 players a little uneasy. Earlier this week, the company announced that it’s pulling all Discovery TV content from players’ libraries due to the expiration of its licensing agreement, but added that it’s also revoking access to shows that users paid for. With no recourse or offer of refunds, many have been left wondering if Sony’s actions are legal.

More importantly, between the PSN account bans and the pulling of paid Discovery content, players are fearful of the push towards digital downloads considering they don’t have indefinite access to any of the digital content that they’ve purchased. Albeit temporary, yesterday’s bans caused affected players to lose access to their digital game libraries as well as PS Plus subscriptions.

Add to this the fact that Sony has not addressed any concerns stemming from either of the two aforementioned incidents, and we have a perfect case against an all-digital future.