PixelJunk Moving into PlayStation Home Soon

PlayStation Home has increasingly become a must-visit destination point for PS3 users, with over 5 million users checking out the Xi space and some even looking for love on the social networking platform. Home has an exciting future, with numerous great spaces coming up, from an Audi space to a post-apocalyptic apartment, and a new software update (version 1.3) that will bring universal game launching.

PlayStation Home is about to make room for a new neighbor, developer Q-Games’ PixelJunk Home space. Recently via a twitter update Dylan Cuthbert revealed the ribbon cutting for their Home space should be sooner then later.

Dylan Cuthbert, President and Managing Director of Q-Games revealed on his twitter account that:

“The PixelJunk Home space should be out very soon in the US (and EU), maybe this week or next”

Additionally Cuthbert added:

“Wow.. our PixelJunk Home goods are actually selling quite well – it seems that Monsters ear-muffs and slippers were what everyone wanted!”