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PlayStation Spotlights New Indies Including Animal Well and Pacific Drive

Four upcoming indie games have been spotlighted on the PlayStation Blog. Each game is accompanied with a gameplay trailer, giving PS5 and PS4 players an idea of how each title will look and feel to play. The four games all vary in terms of genre and aesthetic, which should hopefully increase the odds of viewers liking the look of at least one.

New PS5 and PS4 indie games for 2023

The four indie games spotlighted during the February 9 showcase include:

Animal Well


Pacific Drive

PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe

With indie games often being overshadowed by the next big AAA release, armed with big marketing budgets that draw the eyes of millions, it’s nice to see indies spotlighted. Indie titles are often the source of big ideas contained in smaller games, as demonstrated by the four showcased above.

In AAA gaming news, the Hogwarts Legacy limited edition DualSense PS5 controller has been revealed. And get ready for the God of War Ragnarok announcement that has been teased for Super Bowl LVII.