Hogwarts Legacy DualSense Controller

Hogwarts Legacy Limited Edition DualSense PS5 Controller Available Tomorrow

A Hogwarts Legacy limited edition DualSense PS5 controller will be available tomorrow in select regions, with a release later in the month for others. The catch is that the controller will only be available through PlayStation Direct in limited quantities and it won’t be available through third-party retailers.

The DualSense controller features Hogwarts in its design

The black DualSense controller is decorated with an image of Hogwarts surrounded by swirling motifs of Ancient Magic, all in gold. The team did consider using designs that incorporated the different houses, magic wands, beasts, and the sorting hat, but ultimately chose to focus on the “star of the game”, according to Art Director Jeff Bunker.

The Hogwarts Legacy limited edition DualSense controller will be available from 10 AM GMT on February 10 in the UK, the same day the game leaves Early Access. Meanwhile, players in the US can pre-order the controller from 10 AM PT on February 10. The controller will be released in the US on February 28. Players will need to head over to PlayStation Direct to be in with a chance of getting their hands on one as there will only be limited numbers available, although neither Sony nor Avalanche Software specified exactly how many there will be.

Unfortunately, the controller will not be available outside of the UK and US. However, there are rumors of new DualSense controller colors that should be more widely available.