Decide What You Want In The Blue Toad Home Space

PlayStation Home, the PlayStation 3‘s avatar based virtual community, has grown in leaps and bounds since it’s official launch nearly a year ago with a wide variety of Home spaces from various top games as well as the mysterious alternate reality game Xi. One of the most popular spaces on the online platform was the Buzz! Home space, based on Relentless Software‘s award winning franchise. At this year’s Eurogamer Expo PlayStation LifeStyle managed to ask Relentless Software‘s Producer, Jade Tidy, whether their newest game, Blue Toad Murder Files, would also be getting a Home space.

Tidy told PSLS that:

“I’d love to have one, the Buzz! one went down really really well, and I’d love to do something, like murder in the dark, or something like that. At the moment we just don’t have time, we just need to finish making the game first of all, because we are still working on the later episodes, but yeah, if we can do something like that in the future, I’d love to do it, I’d love to hear people’s suggestions of things that they like for it as well, so if you’ve got any come on to our forum and give them to us”.

Check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s entire video interview here.