PS3 Review – Sony Chatpad

chatpad 1

Gamers constantly use the PS3 to message friends, browse the internet, and do multiple other things that require text input, and they had been clamoring for a chatpad accessory for quite some time. Sony finally released one last December, but many wonder if it is worth the price of admission.

The PlayStation 3 has been keyboard compatible since its launch, though many wanted a controller attachment that is accessible at all times. The official Sony Chatpad was released last December and retails for $49.99.

The accessory is definitely nice to have, plus it adds some weight to the controller when attached. It is clipped onto the top of the DualShock 3 and connects via bluetooth to the PlayStation 3.  To charge it, the peripheral connects to the USB cable that it comes with the console.

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There are several shortcut keys on the chatpad itself. These include friends list, inbox, and a button to change the chatpad into a touchpad for mouse capabilities.

The touchpad ability is actually a pretty cool feature.  Dragging fingers across the keys acts like a touchpad on a laptop. Overall it is pretty accurate, but not ideal.  It is still a good feature nonetheless.

The build of this accessory is pretty solid.  It doesn’t feel like the thing is going to break while it’s being used. Sony definitely put some hard work into this bad boy. The keys themselves have a glossy feel to them, while the rest of the chatpad has the same feel as the DualShock 3 itself.


The one downfall would have to be the small keys.  For those with big hands, it will definitely become annoying at times. I found myself pushing multiple buttons at one time.  There were also a couple instances where pushing the buttons didn’t result in that letter appearing on the screen, and I had to push it again. The last drawback is the lack of backlit keys. This definitely hurts those that game in the dark.

Overall, it’s definitely an accessory worthy of a purchase to gamers who type a lot on their consoles. But it is hard to recommend this to those who already have a wireless keyboard, especially one with backlit capabilities.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Great chatpad, but a bit pricey

Buttons are small

Lack of backlit keys

4 out of 5